Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Merrill Heatter 1926-2017

Various sources are reporting that fabled game show producer Merrill Heatter has died at age 90.

Best known for producing Hollywood Squares along with his longtime business partner Bob Quigley, Heatter's career in the genre spanned over fifty years. He created his first game show, Video Village, in 1960. He and Quigley broke through with the signature hit, Hollywood Squares, in 1965. In one form or another the show has weathered the TV storms ever since, with recent version Hip Hop Squares now running on VH1.

Merrill Heatter's next most successful show was probably the 1970s' Gambit, which much later spawned Catch 21 on GSN. (It reruns on the network to this day.) He had a long list of credits to his name, and there's even a wiki dedicated to Heatter and Quigley's shows. Check the sidebar if you don't believe me. R.I.P.

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