Friday, November 8, 2013

What's in a name?

Recent promos on GSN for The Chase and Mind of a Man have ended with, gasp, the actual words "Game Show Network." The screenshot proves it.

This may not seem like a big deal. And in the not-so-cosmic scheme of things, it's no deal at all. Hey, GSN stands for Game Show Network, right?

Except once upon a time in 2004, our little network decided to drop the "game show" moniker and just use the initials. GSN went non-traditional and tried a bunch of reality stuff, which mostly flopped. The search for younger demos didn't go so well.

So does this recent return to the proud use of "Game Show Network" mean that GSN is getting back to its traditional, studio-based game show roots? Well, maybe, although network execs continue to make noises about expanding the range of programming. And there's some weird thing about body painting supposedly coming to GSN.

But for now, although a rose would smell as sweet by any other name, Game Show Network is once again calling itself...Game Show Network. I like that.

UPDATE: Just got the new GSN schedules through Thanksgiving Week (see the sidebar). Turkey day features a marathon of just about every Family Feud host, including Louie Anderson and Al Roker. Welcome to Game Show Network, gentlemen.


  1. First Combs Feud shows on GSN since March 2010. Black Friday's 8AM-Noon EST marathon of $ale of the Century(11/29) on that same schedule says S-001 through S-008 as the episode numbers, so presumably that means they've picked up some of the syndicated run. I guess they'll start airing the syndicated run weekdays at 10AM on 12/2, but we'll see. The Password PLus finale airs on 11/30 at 9AM.

  2. It's also the first syndicated episode of Dawson Feud since March 2010. This time the schedule says 8-061, so the episode must be TV Hosts Special, featuring the Heavenly Hosts playing against the Magnificent MC's. Also returning is the ABC version of Dawson Feud, which hasn't been seen since March 2013. The schedule says the episode number is 79-132 TM, in which Sammy Davis Jr. hosts. The families are Bath vs. Odhe.

  3. Great marathons, grest choices.

    Maybe we'll have to wait for Christmas for a Press Your Luck marathon (*maybe*) or a marathon of The Chase.

    I'm guessing no new runs for The Chase on Tuesday 11/26? Looks like the 11/5, 11/12 and 11/19 runs all over again.

  4. All the Feud eps are celeb specials. The descriptions in the pdfs have all the details. I figured these marathons would go over well with what Alex Davis calls the hardcores. It's "Game Show Network" now, after all.

  5. This is the first time since 2004 that GSN had a Family Feud thanksgiving marathon. I remember that there were only 2 Combs episodes and 12 Dawson episodes. Here is what the schedule looked like:
    12:00 PM - Ham vs. Mohan - 0244
    12:30 PM - Hatfield vs. McCoy - 79-200 TM
    1:00 PM - Daniels vs. Moyer (Condoms) - 0093
    1:30 PM - Morris vs. Bazil - 80-154 TM
    2:00 PM - Henson vs. Morrison - 80-145 TM
    2:30 PM - Buttice vs. Johnson (Gretchen Johnson) - 81-073 TM
    3:00 PM - Hedges vs. Peterson - 80-105 TM
    3:30 PM - Dayen vs. Dimes - 7-043
    4:00 PM - Stanley vs. Shiveley (Peanut Butter) - 7-064
    4:30 PM - Evans vs. Carlson - 7-029
    5:00 PM - Maher vs. Ross - 7-047
    5:30 PM - Blodgett vs. Graves - 80-141 TM
    6:00 PM - York vs. Lewis (Alligator) - 77-149
    6:30 PM - Trejo vs. Tunstall (September) - 80-189 TM

    1. What are the 7 dashed ones, syndie Dawson? I know the condoms one was Combs. But yeah, first time we've had Dawson in awhile. They had a decent Dawson marathon Christmas 2011 iirc? I think either Dawson or Combs will be back before long. Syndie Sale looks like it'll be on the schedule soon too. I'd wager January for some of these changes, considering how stale the schedule is looking now.

    2. False. Feud has had Thanksgiving marathon. 2007 was Karn and 2008 was O'Hurley

    3. 2007 was actually a return to the Feast of Favorites format, only under a different name.

  6. Too bad the Dawson episodes are not families playing.

    1. None of the episodes of Feud airing on Thanksgiving are, well minus the Steve Harvey ones after the marathon.