Sunday, June 3, 2018

Summer time

A faux tweet linked to a list of summer TV offerings, and I noticed a whole lotta game show going on.

In fact, the menu offers no fewer than eight game shows on the broadcast nets during the warm weather. Once again our little genre's famously low production costs prove a blessing, as the broadcast dinosaurs, er, networks pinch pennies with cheap shows for summer time.

It's not like the shows get overwhelming ratings, though Celebrity Family Feud has been a consistent Nielsen winner, and most of the other shows perform (sort of) respectably. At least a bunch of the shows have gotten renewals, and those famously low costs no doubt played a part in these executive decisions.

It gets a lot dicier for the genre when fall rolls around and the broadcasters start competing with their usual dramas and sitcoms. But there are always cable and online outlets for game shows. Yes, there are plenty of shows to keep me blogging for a long time, much as some of my critics might wish otherwise.


  1. I think networks are starting to realize that summer dramas aren't working anymore and game shows are doing fine. ABC has 2 game show themed nights this summer on Sunday and Thursday. CBS is trying again with Kevin Hart's Total Knockout this summer. I hope it does well because Candy Crush last summer really bombed even with the good Big Brother lead in. Heck, Sunday Fun And Games will probably do better than what ABC usually gets on that night during the TV season.

  2. Are there any game shows getting trial runs in the Summer?
    In the past few years, talk shows and news magazine shows have popped up on Fox O&O for a trial basis and if they do well, they get added sometime in the Winter or near future to the syndicated lineup.

    1. Good question. I saw a story on TV News Check that the Fox stations might test a game show called 25 Words or Less, but I haven't seen any more details...

  3. I know last summer there was a trial run of Judge Judy's Iwitness. I guess it didn't do very well because I haven't heard anything about that show since then.