Monday, June 4, 2018

Millennial memes

A while back I discussed an article on the potency of millennial nostalgia. A nice example of the disease - or the charm, depending on your POV - just turned up on a pop culture site.

The title is 15 Nickelodeon Memes Only '90s Kids Will Understand, which is actually not true at all. I understand some of the memes only too well, and I'm very far away from a '90s kid. (I'm a '50s kid, though it's weird to call myself a kid of any sort.) Three of the allegedly obscure memes come from Legends of the Hidden Temple, which I've already proclaimed the greatest kid game show ever.

Maybe I shouldn't be so cynical about the list. But the items about Legends are hardly insightful. Yeah, it was tough to assemble the silver monkey. Yeah, viewers always felt superior to the teams stumbling around the temple. Yeah, I know about the recent TV movie that Nick made from the show.

So the memes aren't hard to understand at all, if you know much about game shows. But what the hey, it's still nice to see that somebody remembers Legends with fondness.

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