Saturday, June 9, 2018

Incorrect answers

Mashable, a pop culture site, can't resist a few sophomoric yuks about Wheel of Fortune Answers, a twitter account that solves WoF puzzles in, let's say, inappropriate ways.

For the most part the fake solves are just the usual witless profanity, which Mashable finds "most beautifully incorrect." Well, nobody ever praised Mashable for clever insight...nobody with half a brain, anyway. I took a screenshot of one of the more presentable solves, which at least didn't conjugate the f-word.

The Mashable writer seems to think that whoever is behind the twitter account may not know how Wheel of Fortune is played. My guess is that the tweeter is a lonely student with a sense of humor named for the second year of college (see above).

There are enough real bloopers from Wheel of Fortune on YouTube to keep people amused. But now we've got fake bloopers, too. The Mashable writer says "we should feel blessed" about the tweets. Yeah, bless us all.

UPDATE: Just stopped by Game Show Paradise for the first time in a while. In the "Shoutbox" one of the deep thinkers is ripping me for criticizing Wheel of Fortune Answers. I guess he likes such brilliant parodies as "You've got to be f---ing me," one of the recent efforts on that twitter feed. Of course, Game Show Paradise is the same oldies board that faints over the mildest off-color humor on Harvey Feud.

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