Friday, June 8, 2018

Host chat

With 100K Pyramid and To Tell the Truth about to return for their new seasons, a TV site got an interview with the hosts.

Mostly the story is just a few jokes. Anthony Anderson opines that Michael Strahan is a "horrible host" and Pyramid only works because of the game and the guests. Strahan agrees and replies that Anderson is nothing on TTTT without his mother.

Between the yuks Anderson actually does make a good point. And what I’d like to say about Michael is that, coming from a sports background, he understands the concept of teamwork. He knows when to step in and when to step out in order for everyone to cross that goal line.

That's a valuable insight for anybody who hosts a game show. Another valuable insight I gained from the linked story is that TV Guide apparently still exists as a magazine on dead tree. Who knew? It's like a blast from the '50s.


  1. ABC's game show rerun block did solidly. CFF was the top dog with 5.8 mil, Pyramid had 4.6 mil, and To Tell The Truth had 3.4 mil. They flexed some good rerun muscle.

  2. Should To Tell The Truth count as a game show anymore if the contestants can't win any money/prizes anymore?