Saturday, May 19, 2018

Well, somebody liked it

Hadn't dropped by BuzzerBlog in a while, so I decided to see what the Brit-o-philes were up to.

Sure enough, there was plenty about the U.K. Millionaire reboot, which I expected. Alex Davis used to tell us over and over that the Brits do game shows better, and BuzzerBlog still believes.

I also noticed that the blog has gotten rid of the weird penile image of Steve Harvey. Instead they've got a screenshot from Taskmaster, of all things (see photo). Taskmaster already seems to have expired, as it drew an audience measured in dozens (slight exaggeration). But the show was based on a Brit original, so Cory Anotado - chairman of my fan club - gave the show a ridiculously favorable review.

Too bad almost nobody in America agreed with Cory. The latest Nielsen news on the show was that it attracted a whopping 105K viewers, which Comedy Central could probably get with a Cheech and Chong movie rerun. Who knows, that might be the show's replacement.

I checked. The replacement is actually a Jeff Dunham rerun. By the way, Comedy Central ordered ten eps of Taskmaster but only eight made it to air. The numbers were that bad. What a turkey.


  1. You could put a Naked Gun movie in Taskmaster's slot and it would get 20x that viewership. At least it's extremely enjoyable.

  2. I didn't know BuzzerBlog still existed.

    Anyways, they should burn off the remaining episodes of Taskmaster to the overnight hours.

  3. Something I've meaning to say, for quite a while.

    No, Alex Davis. The UK DOESN'T (nor did it ever) make better game shows. Case in point:

    Why did the original UK WWTBAM get canceled? Because it when to mainly an "All Star" format, trimmed it's question tree, and hardly had any civilians playing durings it's last few years. Oh, and having Clarkson as host isn't much better when he's asked to help on a question and BLOWS it for the contestant. Oy. I also hear he's not well liked in the UK.

    Back when Davis was the main reporter on the old Buzzerblog site, he started this feature out of hate of the US version of Deal or No Deal, this is not a joke. He doesn't do that anymore on the main site, but it was never true to begin with. It was just a convoluted stream of hyperbole that he actually thought was true, but never was.

    Buzzerblog is only relevant when we hear game show news that we care about (i.e. US Game Shows). I thinks it's clear that Anatado and Davis has lost touch with reality and society that they would rather just hide behind monitors and spew garbage that no one will take seriously.

    Mr. Anatado, and Mr. Davis, with all due respect.....

    Shut up, and sit down. Thank you.

    Here's some TRUTH! America is the #1 Greatest nation in the world! We are committed to excellence in every way. We are the best in the world and everything we do, including making the greatest, smartest, and best game shows of all time!

    Too bad Buzzerblog isn't relevant anymore to realize this, but who cares? America will continue to produce the best game shows in the world, 100%!

    Mr. Abell, your thoughts?