Friday, May 25, 2018

The Price is Right goes mobile

HQ already seems to be waning in popularity, but more imitators continue to crowd into the mobile game show niche. Now comes Gravy, which the linked story bills as The Price is Right mixed with a home shopping channel.

The app offers cheap merchandise and small cash prizes for guessing the prices where the merchandise will sell out. See the Tech Crunch story for the gory details. Local comedians host the live show on a rotating basis, and the audience so far numbers in the hundreds. Not exactly a millennial craze, but that's what the creators are eventually hoping for.

All these live game show apps seem designed for young'uns with short attention spans. Our little genre has long been known for the dreaded old skew, so the creators of these apps usually emphasize how they want to appeal to millennials. That makes everything sound young and sexy and exciting, or so the theory goes.

If HQ is fading, I don't have a lot of belief in other live game show apps. But hope springs eternal, to coin a cliche. Even in game shows.

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  1. Every Facebook game and app has a honeymoon period, and then fizzles out. How many people couldn't get enuff of Farmville of Facebook years ago? Game show apps for Facebook were prevalent 5-7 years ago. They put a lot of effort into creating a cool one for LMAD, and then pulled the plug on it eventually, seemingly faster than most Facebook apps disappear. The FB version of Press Your Luck was fun, I never tired of playing it, just not 10 times every day. The Price is Right was well done, but sucked because half of the players were using a website that helped them cheat. Pyramid was well done, and fun to play. I liked the 1 Vs. 100, and was surprised that was a Facebook app. Deal or no Deal was as lame to play as it is boring to watch. There's probably a Wheel of Fortune game somewhere, still.. it seemed like that game's host app bounced around a bit. Was there ever a Match Game on Facebook?

    Too many apps disappear, be it phone games or Facebook apps, and the audience will move onto something else. It won't be long before we have too many of these app-based live games, and some new gimmick leaves only the hardcores to play along.

    Or not.