Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sunshine state

If your corporate parent owns a Florida resort, you might as well use it to tape your game show.

CNBC's reboot of Deal or No Deal will originate from Universal's playground - "three theme parks, six on-site hotels and a nighttime dining and entertainment complex" - in Orlando, FL. The Florida connection extends to three DOND casting calls for contestants in various sunshine state locales this month. Maybe they'll serve orange juice on the new episodes.

The original order is for thirty one-hour eps. There's no debut date yet except "fourth quarter 2018." So we can narrow the date down to between October 1 and December 31. (Sherlock's a piker compared to me.)

The linked story makes it look like there will be little tinkering with the original format. Twenty-six suitcases, the banker, the hour-long length - it all looks like the NBC show. I don't know about the models, though. Can CNBC afford twenty-six of the lovelies? We'll see sometime in the fourth quarter.

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