Sunday, May 20, 2018

No redeeming social value

Most of the posts on this blog have some value as commentary. Or so I like to think, even if some of you disagree emphatically.

But I claim no value at all for this entry. I just happened to be rummaging around the Buzzr Facebook page, and I came across the Match Game panties blooper. A mini-skirted contestant named Margie - this was the '70s, remember - bent over in front of the camera for a money-winning hug with Ann Elder. Unfortunately for Margie, everybody got a peek at her lovely pink panties.

Naturally, the show went out of kilter for several moments. There was much running around and humorous commentary. Things eventually settled back down.

The incident happened very early in the show's run. In fact, it was only the eleventh week of Match Game '73. But the blooper helped set the raunchy tone for all the subsequent seasons.

The panel was a little mixed-up in this early episode. Richard Dawson was in the Dawson seat, but Brett Somers was in the bimbo seat. Loretta Swit, of all people, was in Brett's seat. Charles Nelson Reilly was nowhere to be found.

Watergate coverage often preempted Match Game during these weeks. Didn't they know they were preempting game show history?


  1. There is a great discussion happening about Richard Dawson leaving Match Game in 1978 here.
    What an interesting topic of conversation!

  2. On this entry I deleted a nonsense comment about masturbation. Keep the comments reasonably sensible from now on, please.

  3. You're a dirty old man, ya know that? :D

    That line (from Sanford and Son) still cracks me up.