Saturday, May 5, 2018

Knock knock knockin' on top 20's door

The screenshot shows Mr. Nielsen himself on What's My Line. Much as I hate to admit it, he looks like an actuary. Which is fitting for TV's ultimate number cruncher.

You'll notice the old GSN logo in the picture. That's appropriate because this entry is about our not so little game show network knockin' on the door of the top 20 cable networks in total day viewership. So I started thinking about how GSN might actually push into the august group.

One possible solution would be getting the network into more households. But in an era of cord cutting, cord shaving and cord whatever, it'll be tough to add onto GSN's 76 million households. The genre's dratted old demos also don't help. If GSN skewed young, the cable carriers would be falling over themselves to get the network onto your screens.

Which leaves GSN's programming itself. I'll assume the network stays with all traditional game shows, as it has for a long time now. (Even if the oldies boards won't believe what's in front of their eyes.) Could, say, afternoon runs of recent The Price is Right and Let's Make a Deal do the trick?

That's possible, but there are all sorts of problems with stakeholders like CBS and Fremantle. The latter just happens to own a direct competitor to GSN. Another key to the top 20 might be a surprise original hit like American Bible Challenge, but such a creature doesn't seem anywhere close. GSN's experience with original game shows lately hasn't been encouraging.

There's always a chance that the network could wobble into the top twenty by pure random luck one of these weeks or months. It was only about 60K viewers from the promised land in April.

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  1. I cannot imagine that short of GSN practically overpaying to license for them, Fremantle is going to wait until they think the time is right to put them on Buzzr to bring about more eyeballs and station clearances. There’s also the chance they do nothing with them. Buzzr was a figment of the imagination until 2015 and other than a short run (I think) on GSN, TPIR reruns have never aired nor have the new LMAD. They certainly aren’t breaking records in speed to get the reruns out there.