Saturday, May 12, 2018

Dear diary: good-bye

Nielsen stories always appeal to my actuarial self.

Other people might get bored silly. But it's my blog, and I'll post about Nielsen if I want to, post about Nielsen if I want to, post about Nielsen if I want to. You would post about Nielsen, too, if an actuarial career happened to you.

The latest from the beancounters is that they're finally scrapping the "much-reviled" diary system used in the 140 smallest TV markets. Having people write about their viewing habits has always drawn the wrath of TV execs, and Nielsen will now use electronic gadgets to get the information.

According to the linked story from TV News Check, the results show a big boost for cable outlets. GSN should be happy, because a little game show network was always easy to forget when people wrote down what they watched on TV. The electronic whiz-bangery will now capture that viewing.

It won't make an enormous difference in overall numbers because the smaller markets are, well, smaller. They don't have a gigantic impact on total ratings.  But every little bit helps, and in a cord-cutting era, GSN will take all the help it can get.

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