Friday, April 20, 2018

The kids are all right

I've been such a grumpy old fart about Jeopardy's various stunts that I made sure to watch the finals of the college tournament.

Wish I could report that the finale was a barnburner, but Dhruv Gaur of Brown University made a shambles of the contest. He was clearly the class of the tournament, and he put away the hundred grand top prize with ease. He didn't need to wager anything on the last clue, but he still bet nineteen bucks. He's nineteen years old, you see.

As it happened, he got the final clue wrong. He wrote: That's all folks. With a smiley face. A bit of a cheeky sort, to use a Brit expression. William Scott of Tufts University took second and Hannah Sage of the University of Central Florida finished third. They still went back to campus with nice money.

It's not the worst thing in the world to give air time to smart college kids. Lord knows that jock collegians get plenty of media exposure. Jeopardy's college tournament has a pleasant revenge-of-the-nerds quality.

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