Friday, April 6, 2018

Stop me if you've heard this one before

There used to be a blog called GSNtheknow. Now it's called Game Show Live. It should be called Steve Harvey Sucks. Because all the blog talks about is the evilness of devil Steve. The latest entry is no exception...

You should change your name to Family Fued [sic] Channel.

Steve Harvey is bad, bad, bad.

Show much less Steve Harvey Family Feud.

Get the idea? The GSL blogger and his buddies might have trouble with numbers bigger than single digits, but they should still try checking the latest Nielsen charts. GSN is rolling merrily down the highway with the current lineup. The network was a top 30 cable channel for the first quarter, and recent weekly ranks have been even better.

As long as Steve helps GSN pull those nice numbers, you're gonna see a lot of him. GSL also sounds incredulous that our little game show network would add a couple new shows, albeit in the dead of night with Winsanity and Divided.

Sorry to do numbers again, but each weekday GSN has been running as many or more different shows than Buzzr. Today GSN is running thirteen different shows. Buzzr is running nine different shows. Thirteen is more than nine. Even if you count the different flavors of Feud on Buzzr as separate shows, GSN still has more of the famous "variety" today. (Though that term is just game show Interwebs code for "more old stuff.")

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