Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Old college try

Jeopardy will run its college tournament starting April 9. Already the web is filling up with contestant stories.

This article about Caroline Trammell, a biology major at Furman University, is pretty typical. She starts screaming when she hears that she made the tourney, and then her roommate runs in, and then she goes to L.A. to tape her show. Caroline is fourth from the right in the back row in the picture. The person who's fifth from the right is not a college student, at least not recently.

I've been a little cynical in the past about Jeopardy's various stunts, except the tournament of champions. The college event must be designed to shave a few months off Jeopardy's formidable median viewer age. The winner does get a ticket to the T of C, so that's something.

Oh, I'll stop being such a sour old grump. Good luck to all the college kids.

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