Monday, April 2, 2018

Gentler, kinder

Now and then I want a dose of cynicism about our little genre. So I head to Game Show Garbage.

I've criticized the site in the past for going ballistic, bonkers and bananas about shows that were mediocre but hardly terrible. Hate to say it, but my criticism (and similar comments from elsewhere) may be having some effect. The latest commentary on the site is, get this, a cheerleading piece for three kid game shows. The language is downright gushy over The Noise, Keep It Spotless and Beat the Clock...

I am happy that the new generation has taken a page from the old generation and made the shows fun, enjoyable and gave them all their own different identities. I wish The Noise, Keep It Spotless and Beat The Clock continued success and may they stick around and be there for the current generation of kids.

Uh, what? Am I on the right site? The one with the Patrick Wayne Award and the all-round venom spray?

In fact, my own reviews of these three shows were much more tepid, though I hardly panned any of them. The shows are cute enough, though the silly stunts get a tad cloying after a while. Would it hurt so much to add a little brain to a kid game show? Maybe not Genius Junior level, but a bit of intellectual challenge wouldn't be a disaster.

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