Thursday, April 5, 2018

Bye-bye new-ies

This was originally an update to the previous post. But the news deserves its own entry...

A commenter notes that Buzzr will dump the Friday night "new-ies" block. Except the diginet sort of implies the newer shows might turn up elsewhere. Don't ask me what's going on. I figured that Buzzr would modernize the lineup a lot more and pretty soon. Shows what I know.

As I say in my reply to the comment, maybe this is a higher-up decision. Fremantle makes a lot of money leasing shows to GSN, especially Harvey Feud. So maybe they told Buzzr to lay off the newer stuff to keep GSN a little happier. But this is pure speculation on my part. The simpler explanation is that the newer shows just bombed with Buzzr's oldies fans. Some older-is-better types went ballistic about the newer shows on Buzzr's Facebook page.

Now that I think about it, yeah, the real explanation is probably that the shows just bombed. Kind of an odd analogy to how the Saturday night oldies block bombed on GSN. Speaking of which, maybe Fremantle might lease Celebrity Name Game to GSN. I'm a fan and I'd like to see the show get a slot somewhere.

CONSPIRACY THEORY UPDATE: I got a faux tweet out of an almost unnoticed story about Fremantle promoting Rick Glankler. Glankler will oversee and provide strategic insight to [Fremantle's] vintage game show digital multicast network, Buzzr. Could any of the recent lineup changes at Buzzr, including the downgrade of Dawson Feud, have anything to do with this? Who knows?

There's one thing I would like to know. Just how many people watch Buzzr? Right now Buzzr's Twitch feed is playing to a massive throng of 81 people. My guess is that the actual diginet gets a few more viewers, but not an enormous number under any circumstances...and orders of magnitude smaller than GSN's audience. Fremantle might figure that pleasing a good customer like GSN is a lot more important than updating a largely unwatched diginet.

Okay, I'll go whole hog on the conspiracy mongering. Glankler's mandate at Buzzr may be: Find an audience for this sucker or shut it down. GSN doesn't like any kind of 24/7 competition. But that really is a far-out theory. Or is it?


  1. I'll be honest, this move actually surprises me. As I've said before it doesn't seem like Buzzr is that big of competition to GSN. It's just seems like a small fly on the wall.

    I really hope those nine people complaining about the Friday night block didn't spark this change. It's not like they removed the actual schedule, they were just trying something different.

  2. That being said, I'm not at all upset about Temptation getting the boot for now. Terrible host, and the show screwed up a format that in my mind was supposed to be simple.

    But I'll miss Karn Feud and Celebrity Name Game. Those two are quality shows.

  3. Temptation was no better or worse than the original Sale of the Century. Morreale was okay as the host. At least he seemed human, unlike Jim "Android" Perry.

    I'm sure that Buzzr isn't much competition to GSN right now. But nobody likes competition of any kind. And if I'm a Fremantle exec, I gotta think about what's more important, a good customer like GSN or a dinky diginet that nobody watches?

    They closed down the new shows on the Buzzr YouTube channel when they really didn't catch on. This new guy they appointed to "oversee" the diginet probably wants results and is shaking things up. If the moves don't work, Buzzr the diginet might go the way of Buzzr the YouTube channel.

    Again, all this is pure speculation. But I don't think it's any accident that Buzzr's schedule is getting reworked right after Glankler got his new job.

  4. Looks like a few more changes are coming. Trivia Trap, Now You See it, and Monty's Beat the Clock are getting booted off of Sundays in favor of Password Plus, Card Sharks, and Press Your Luck. Very obscure shows being replaced by slightly less, but still very obscure shows.

    1. Sounds like minor shuffles. Buzzr isn't going to pull a zillion more viewers with Password Plus instead of Beat the Clock.

      When Buzzr tried the "newer" shows on Friday night, I thought we were going to see some big, splashy moves. Sounds like the diginet has just gone back to being a dusty backwater for moldy oldies and a tiny band of hardcore fans.

      I have to wonder if the higher-ups at Fremantle even want to make a big success of Buzzr. If they were actually going for a bigtime game show network, they would be looking at rerunning the current versions of TPiR and LMAD, not to mention Harvey Feud. (Yeah, I know the problems with CBS on the first two shows, but I haven't heard any rumors that Buzzr is even trying to get the shows on the diginet.)

      Maybe Fremantle really doesn't want to upset the apple cart with GSN. If I had to bet, I'd wager a large amount that GSN is providing a lot more revenue to Fremantle than Buzzr. In fact, I wonder if Buzzr is generating any profit for Fremantle at all.

  5. Temptation dealt with pop culture trivia. Nothing wrong with that except the lack of male contestants.

    They should put CNG on the weekday schedule. Replace it with one of the many runs of Match Game sounds like a good idea.