Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Spotless equals brainless?

Remember when I said Genius Junior was so brainiac that I wanted some silly stunts in the show?

Nobody can say the same thing about Keep It Spotless, Nick's latest entry in the goofball stunt sweepstakes. This show is brainless as brainless can be. Kids do ridiculous paint-filled stunts and try, you guessed it, to remain as spotless as possible. The cleaner they emerge from their ordeals, the higher they score.

There's no onscreen host, just an offscreen announcer with an annoyingly coy voice. I'm sounding like a grumpy old fart here, but I'm not the target audience. Nick is looking for kids (and their parents) who want to get grossed out by the sight of paint splashing everywhere. At one point the offscreen voice mentions that the paint is "non-toxic." That's good, or this show would have gotten sued off the air immediately.

If you could combine Genius Junior and Keep It Spotless, you might have a terrific show. Half brainy, half goofy. Kind of like, say, Legends of the Hidden Temple. Maybe one of these days...

Keep It Spotless turns in decent but not sensational numbers by Nick standards. The first ep gets 1.1M viewers and a 0.20 18-49 rating.

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