Sunday, March 11, 2018

Relaxed retiree

My usual Google News search on game shows turned up an article called "10 Reasons You May Love Being Retired."

I had two thoughts when I saw the entry. One, I'm retired and so far it hasn't been too bad. And two, does everybody know that game shows skew old? Anyway, the article ran through various pluses about the supposedly golden years. Less stress, more sleep, comfortable clothes, etc.

And sure enough, there was the game show reference. You can turn in late and sleep in to enjoy whatever you like the next day. Sip your coffee in your pajamas while watching your favorite morning news program, talk show or game show.

Indeed, GSN and the cable news channels apparently attract retirees by the zillions, judging from the networks' median viewer ages. It's just a little scary how these demographic facts have seeped into the public mind. A few decades ago hardly anybody outside the TV business had even heard of demos. Nowadays the Internet has spread the numbers far and wide.

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