Thursday, March 8, 2018

Perversion on the airwaves!

Hadn't stopped by Game Show Paradise in a while, so I went to its most honest thread: "Why Hate Harvey Feud."

I call it the most honest thread because it really does lay out the older-is-better approach to game shows more directly than almost any other thread on the oldies boards. It's all there: the dumping on a current show, the longing for the pure and holy past (of the kissing bandit, chuckle, chuckle), the whining because game shows aren't like they were three or four decades ago during the golden age.

One oddity in the thread is the use of "perverted" to describe Steve Harvey's Family Feud. So let's go to the dictionary, or the Merriam-Webster site. Perversion: an aberrant sexual practice or interest especially when habitual. I don't know how "aberrant" Feud is, but I do know there aren't any sexual practices going on, at least in front of the cameras.

If this is perversion, it's perversion lite to the lightest degree. If we're going to have perversion, for crying out loud, let's make it a lot more intense than just a few teensy-weensy naughty jokes. What kind of measly watered-down perversion is this?


  1. Jeez, they're acting like Steve runs some type of strip club backstage. Their hatred for Steve is at an all time high. I don't think there has been this much hatred for a game show host ever. The show is still TV-PG, so there goes that whole "perverted" claim.

  2. I looked at the discussion. Love how one said it's "disgraceful". Another part I find funny is that someone on there said the show is going down Playboy Channel route. Huh? I haven't seen any contestants or Steve naked on the show, so that made no sense. I've seen way worse. Turn on any HBO show.

  3. Hey Casey, this is a bit off topic, but I just came across this Millionaire trailer for the then-new (now current) season: In it, Chris Harrison is telling a contestant, "you're one question away from a million dollars." There hasn't been a million dollar question on the show since Cedric's run, has there? I ask because I haven't been watching as much this season since I'm in college, so I suppose I could have missed it...

  4. Yep, the last million dollar question went to Josina Reaves and the query was about, of all subjects, Nostradamus...

    It'll be interesting to see when this new million dollar question shows up. My guess is May sweeps. Stay tuned.

    Millionaire looks secure for the foreseeable future. Chris Harrison has steadied the ship and the ratings have actually improved year to year, which is very rare in today's diminished syndie world...

  5. I've watched 3 episodes in a row a couple of nights ago of the Antichrist. To be honest, I've heard more raunchy content on Tattletales and Match Game 7X. Of course I tried explaining that to the board and a lot of posters weren't happy. I take it I'll probably be banned from the board in the next week for that opinion.

    1. No. Just having an opinion isn't getting you banned from the board. I'm not fighting over that here.

  6. Speaking of funny things on GSP, I just saw a comment from...well, you can probably guess who. Seems that GSN mixed something up on Pyramid. I think they ran the wrong ending segment of an ep (which of course doesn't affect any of the gameplay).

    The commenter wrote: I made a post on Facebook, and they better listen this time around. Like what if GSN doesn't listen? Maybe he'll hold his breath until he turns blue.

  7. Feud has slowly gone downhill since O'Hurley's buzzer antics. Then, the questions on his final year were getting racier not to mention the addition of the Bullseye round.
    As for Harvey, the one question/answer that rubbed me the wrong way was "Name something you swallow". And some southern female answered defiantly "Sperm. Don't act like your surprised. It's up there"
    But, it wasn't. That's Feud Jump the Shark moment for me.