Friday, March 16, 2018

Legalities and technicalities

Alert readers - and I know you're all alert - will recognize this entry's title from the final note at the bottom of this blog. As everyone knows, game shows have lots of rules. Buzzr has even made a promo from various well-known game show hosts reciting some of the rules of their formats.

But there are even more rules behind the scenes, like the eligibility rules for contestants. A story about the Wheelmobile rolling into the Raleigh-Durham area has quite a few do's and don'ts for wannabe Wheel of Fortune contestants.

Some of the requirements are obvious, like 18 years of age and no close connections to the business. (Game show bloggers are still welcome, it seems.) But the rules for previous game shows are a little quirky. Any previous appearance on any version of Wheel disqualifies you. A turn on "another game show, dating-relationship show or reality show" in the past year also knocks you out. Three turns in the last ten years is another no-no.

Finally, there's the catch-all "producer's discretion" clause. They can refuse a wannabe contestant for any reason, and that's tough. Life is tough.

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  1. One writer of the Buzzerblog was actually a contestant of The Chase during Season One. And this was when they kissed the backside of GSN for having such a wonderful show.
    Strange Coincidence or not....