Saturday, March 10, 2018

Kid stuff

A couple of kid game shows are ready to frolic this month.

Nick rolls out - or splatters out - Keep It Spotless, which definitely does not live up to its name. Judging from the promos, kids get enough paint dumped on them to apply several coats to the Statue of Liberty. To point out the obvious, it's a goofball stunt show, not unlike a number of previous Nick efforts. We'll see if it keeps the audience amused enough.

At the opposite end of the kid spectrum is NBC's Genius Junior. No paintballs here, just a lot of challenging brain teasers. You can even be a "super brain," which sounds like future grandmaster material. The kid's calculating ability in the linked video is almost scary.

My kid game show dream is a reboot of Legends of the Hidden Temple. That's nowhere in sight, even if we did get a so-so TV movie.

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