Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Guess what, another reboot

A couple days ago I suggested NBC might look at other game show formats. I thought The Chase might be a good idea.

So much for my ideas. NBC's sister network for the stock market beat, CNBC, will reboot Deal or No Deal. It's a homecoming of sorts because reruns of the show were an audience pleaser on CNBC a long time ago. In fact, DOND was the network's highest rated show for a while.

It's also another entry in a long line of recent game show reboots, as several pundits have noted. Network execs are as risk-averse as most of us, and a proven format will always have a safety-first appeal. CNBC has long been rather schizo in its programming. When prime time rolls around, the cable net ditches its daytime financial news for reality shows and similar entertainment. Howie and friends should fit right into that prime time environment.

The press release promises some tarting up of the old format. Even in its first run on NBC from 2005 to 2008, Deal or No Deal tried a lot of gimmicks to spice up the basic suitcase-opening game. We should probably expect more stunts and tricks on CNBC this fall.


  1. I think DOND will be successful for CNBC. It fits right into their channel and it was a smash hit in reruns for them a decade ago. It would liven up their primetime schedule, which is seemingly nothing but Shark Tank or The Profit.

    Though a non financial show on CNBC is nothing new. I think years back they aired reruns of Jay Leno's Tonight Show and Conan O' Brien's Late Night. I'm glad they brought back Howie to host. Quite frankly, it would be kind of weird without him asking contestants the name of the show.

    1. I'm a bit surprised NBC didn't want to add Deal or No Deal to their line-up instead. It seems like it would've paired up nicely with The Wall, but I guess they didn't want to add another hour for another game show to their programming line-up...?

      Anyways, I'm really happy Deal is coming back. I always felt that it should've returned a few years ago for a special run to celebrate its 10-year anniversary, much like how ABC revived Millionaire with Regis back in 2009. Nevertheless, it's good to have CNBC helm the revival, considering its past runs on the network. Very smart decision to bring back Howie and Scott St. John as well. I think everyone by now recognizes Howie as the face of Deal or No Deal, and it just wouldn't be the same without him.

      Although, there is one thing that I was wondering about. I thought that the licensing rights for Deal were very expensive, hence why no one revived it up until now. What changed since then? Did the costs drop, or did CNBC just decide to shell out the extra fees on their own?

  2. I bet the ratings would have been the same if they decided to acquire the rights to the NBC version. Plus, if probably would have been cheaper too if they acquired the syndicated edition.