Monday, March 26, 2018

GSN upfront

Adweek has a story on GSN upfront news.

The story notes the obvious: GSN has gone all traditional all the time. They even call themselves Game Show Network now, just to drive home the point. GSN plans a couple new shows, which are knockoffs of existing formats. Caroline & Friends with Caroline Rhea will copy America's Funniest Home Videos, with cute efforts by amateur videographers. America Says will imitate Family Feud, but with "our own spin on it."

In a surprise to moi, GSN will run a new season of Snap Decision. The show was hardly a runaway hit, but the GSN originals cupboard has been pretty bare lately. The network will also expand Daily Draw, which seems to have drawn no notice on the game show Interwebs (or anywhere else). Cover Story will continue airing new eps, mostly focused on game show history and people.

The hush hush project is GSN's knockoff of HQ. Everybody is copying Scott Rogowsky and company. The network has a few other things in development, all traditional game shows. Call My Bluff's contestants create fake answers to trivia questions to fool each other. Movin' Money is sort of Cash Cab in a bar powered by bicycles(?) Mall Madness returns to the Mall of America, home for the long gone Mall Masters.


  1. I was watching a little bit of Satan I mean Steve Feud on GSN earlier and I saw a bit of Daily Draw. Not bad.

    1. Unbelievable. I told them that America Says wasn't an interesting concept and too much like Family Feud. If they remove the profanity from the answers, then maybe it would be half decent, but still not an overly interesting concept. Also, I'm not a huge fan of Caroline Rhea either, but for an AFV-like show, I suppose that she'll be alright hosting it. Again, not a show I'm interested in watching.

      I assume when they mean Winsanity and Divided are returning, that they're referring to the burn-off of the remaining episodes at 3 am, and not actually being renewed for additional seasons.

      Catch My Bluff, Movin' Money and Mall Madness... again, the concepts just don't seem interesting. Don't get me wrong, they are moving in the right direction with traditional game show formats, but... I was hoping they would take notice of some of the more unique and innovative game show concepts that have been developed around the world these past few years like in the UK.

      Instead, we're just getting more of the same usual stuff, it looks like.

    2. GSN hopes it's more of the "same usual stuff". They've been getting fine numbers for the past several weeks. Even the demos look pretty decent for the ancient skewing network.

      You're right that there don't seem to be new seasons of Divided or Winsanity. Divided actually got some good numbers, even when GSN exiled it to midnight...

      354K viewers and a 0.09 18-49 rating are really good for GSN at the witching hour. But Divided doesn't have a co-production deal with Sinclair (see below).

  2. One other point: the Sinclair co-production deal might have been a factor in Snap Decision's return. I saw a rumor somewhere on the web that the show would get a second season, but the numbers just didn't seem to justify it...

    That bad 221K viewer number was pretty typical for the show. But it helps to have a co-producer like the Sinclair stations.

    1. WPTT, which is a Sinclair station aired Snap Decision when it aired. It is nice to have a media company by your side.

      It was actually dumb that GSN canceled Divided. It didn't do that horrible. Winsanity is meh. Not one of my personal faves, but it's all right for what it was.

      I guess GSN called it America Says because Survey Said! would be too obvious.