Saturday, February 17, 2018

Something to blog about

My wife and I were watching one of GSN's gazillion runs of Cash Cab today. A solo passenger named Sam Meyer started piling up lots of loot on a double ride.

And he kept piling it up, despite a couple strikes along the way. Shameless brag: I guessed "pasha," the correct answer to one of the questions he goofed. Finally, he was faced with the double or nothing bonus question on a kitty of $3,100. Another shameless brag: I knew the bonus answer: "Bonneville Salt Flats". So did Sam, and he walked away with $6,200. Ben Bailey intoned loudly that it was a new record for Cash Cab.

My wife turned to me and said that the win was something worth blogging about. I said that the show was from 2009 (according to the onscreen channel guide), so it was a little late to blog about it.

But then I thought, why not? What else to I have to write about today? Especially when Wikipedia says that Sam's record still stands on Cash Cab. You can watch the bonus question on YouTube.

Cash Cab was notoriously stingy with its payouts. Nobody would ever accuse the show of mo' money syndrome. Match Game used to give away a lot more than $6,200 in pre-inflation money, and the rigged shows of the 1950s ladled out tons more cash.

But Sam still deserves a blog entry. The one great scorer asks not how much money you won, but how you played the game. Right, Grantland Rice?


  1. " . .watching one of GSN's gazillion runs of Cash Cab today"? I don't recall you ever making a disparaging remark like this about Harvey Feuds and they play them about a "gazillion" times more than Cash Cab.

    1. You obviously don't read this blog. Or you don't pay any attention when you try to read it. Check "Heap of Feud," a entire post I wrote in December about the enormous amount of Family Feud on GSN, Buzzr and syndication.

      And GSN will only run Cash Cab a measly thirty-eight times next week. Naw, they don't run the show at all.

  2. Bob Eubanks is doing promos for the Tax Defense Group now, to fight tab debt against the IRS. Guess he needs the money...