Friday, February 9, 2018

Sex and crap

Hadn't checked Game Show Paradise for a while. But wouldn't you know, I'm a topic of conversation on the board. Sort of like the good old days on Game Show Forum, when people still posted on that site. At least GSP gets a little traffic. Anyway, one of the admins (not the one who keeps threatening posters with banishment or worse) got into the usual trashing of Steve Harvey. But he managed to trash me, too...

Someone [guess who - ed.] or some people on another website [guess which site - ed.] can say how on websites, such as this one, Harvey is like the antichrist all they want. In a way, I wonder how most of Harvey's hardcore viewers that watch him religiously and give it the ratings it gets on GSN, I wonder how they feel about older game shows like Dawson or Combs Feud, etc. I wonder if those viewers (probably around 18-45, and maybe it attracts some older viewers since GSN does skew mostly old) think that Dawson or Combs are antichrists? Karn, O'Hurley? 

Look, I don't mean to get off topic here. I know this is a schedules thread. But we're sort of talking about Dawson Feud. But when I was watching Dawson Feud last Saturday, and before on Buzzr too, I just realize how much better it is. It was mostly about the game, and they didn't have to include sex and crap into the questions or answers usually, at least not like they do with Harvey.

Of course, the "anti" reference is to how I laugh about the oldies boards dumping on Steve Harvey as the Feud Antichrist, compared to the holy holy holy Richard Dawson. I do have to smile when the older-is-better crowd hits Harvey for being too sexual compared to the, wait for it, kissing bandit. Come on, if Harvey tried to get away with the same stuff that Dawson pulled, Steve would get pulled...right off the show. Not to mention that GSP would go ballistic, bonkers and bananas about the "perverted" Harvey kissing every woman contestant.

Just be honest, guys. You accept anything from Dawson because you think everything on old game shows was just swell compared to those rotten new shows. You're arguing a laughably weak case for the lip-locking Richard as some kind of blushing virgin on the original Feud. Even Dawson himself cut out the smooch fest when he came back in 1994-95.

Let's see, what else. The "18-45" reference is just weird. (I don't even understand what point he's trying to make.) Harvey Feud does skew a tiny bit younger than most other stuff on GSN, based on the published 25-54 demos for prime time. But everything on GSN skews very old compared to most other cable nets. Check the TV Newser demo numbers if you don't believe me. As for Combs, Karn and O'Hurley, I think they were all competent Feud hosts, and Combs was a lot better than competent. Karn arrives on Buzzr today, by the way.


  1. I found Dawson's kissing to be creepy at times. Standards did change by the time he returned in the mid 90s, so at least he cut it out. Steve is too sexual? I've seen him say answers in a sexual manner, but I'm sure that's for comedic effect. If Dawson did what he did in the 70s now, it wouldn't fly.

  2. That post from GSP was barely understandable. Actually, it made absolutely no sense. In all honesty though it's silly to expect anything more of that poster in his posts.

    Not to mention I can kind of tell people never even bother to watch "The Antichrist." If one were to actually watch more than just 10 minutes, you will find the show is not all sexed up as people make it out to be. It's really no worse than anything you'd find on Match Game, and if there are, it's rare. You'll also find Steve is very hilarious, just like Dawson was in his early years on the show.

    I agree Karn & O'Hurley are also great hosts. I still thought Combs was competent, but tried too way hard to be funny at times.

  3. Just imagine Harvey in that screenshot kissing the lady...and every other lady on Feud. Such antics would send GSP into an unholy rage. (I actually thought about somehow photoshopping Harvey into the picture and putting it side-by-side with the picture of Dawson. But I don't have the software know-how for that.)

    I agree that the post from "phimat37" badly needs an editor to straighten out its tangled meaning. I even edited the post lightly to smooth out some strange punctuation. But best as I can figure, phimat37's post is the usual older-is-better stuff. "Sex and crap" on old game shows is just fine, but it's so awful on those lousy new shows.

    Such "logic" is common on oldies boards like GSP, GSF and the Buzzr Facebook page.

  4. One other point. Dawson did cut out the smooching when he returned in 1994-95. The cover story is that he was now married.

    But let's be honest. The real story is that Dawson was much older and heavier by 1994. It would have looked really creepy to have him lip-locking with young attractive female contestants.

    All other Feud hosts have been very careful in this department. O'Hurley would risk the occasional chaste peck on the hand with an older lady contestant. But that's all.

  5. I'm flattered that you care that much to write about it. The point I was trying to make was, well, you say that us "older is better" folks basically think Harvey is the antichrist. Maybe the young folks might say the same thing about Dawson, Combs, Karn or O'Hurley.

    You're making assertions you can't back. "You accept anything from Dawson because you think everything on old game shows was just swell compared to those rotten new shows."

    No, you THINK people like me think all new shows are rotten. There are some new shows I do like. I just don't much care for Harvey Feud and you make it sound like "Oh, you don't like Harvey Feud, I'm going to write an article about you and whine about it." Your blog, your rules, but it's silly.

    Finally, I know my posts aren't perfect. I say what comes to mind and realize that my punctuation is sometimes misplaced. If I was writing a blog post I'd try to do a better job. But that's a message board.

    I'll agree with you here. The kissing was a little unnecessary from Dawson. It's also not like Dawson forced himself and groped these contestants, but you can call it what you want.

    You ever watch Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO? That's got a lot worse language at times than Harvey Feud and I love that show but it's not a game show.

    I will say that Steve Harvey can be funny. But I think he tries too hard to be funny and that's a turn off for me.

    You folks can make fun of my grammar and stuff all you want. I do try. I'm not perfect, but I try, and if I were running a blog I'd probably make sure to do a better job.

    I see the grammar police has spoken. And so has Casey's posse.

  6. Oh come on, GSP is an oldies board. Why deny the obvious? If Richard Dawson was a young host on the current Feud and he was trying to kiss all the girls, you and the rest of GSP would be screaming bloody murder about it.

    But because Dawson Feud is old, GSP gives it a pass on everything. I'm not making up the older-is-better bias on your board. It's evident to anybody who can read English.

    There's not much else in your comment worth answering. Your grammar was a mess in the original post. Stop the run-on sentences, okay?

    By the way, tell "Mandoli" to lose the Patton complex. It seems like that admin is threatening to throw somebody off the board every time I look at GSP.

    1. For the record: I what? The last true time I threw someone off the board, it was because they chose to play mini-mod. Don't act like you're God (or spam the board), and you're fine.

      In fact, you're free to come back any time you want. You weren't doing anything wrong. Others were at fault last time.

      But adding more to this discussion, so that it's relevant to the actual topic and not the comments:

      Harvey himself is not perverted. (Or, at least I hope he's not.) It's everything else on the show that is. Those in charge of coming up with the questions try too hard to get those funny, viral moments. Speaking of which... How many of them have there been? I haven't been paying attention to them, which is good (avoid more YT channels!). How many of them are Fast Money, compared to the main game?

      Producers need to sit down and come up with a happy medium: If Feud is supposed to be a family show, then how much sex talk should be allowed?

      And while we're at it... Stop with the "scale of 1-10" questions.

    2. Every time I look at the board, you're throwing your weight around, telling off somebody for something or other. You did it with me, you do with a lot of other posters. A few comments, chosen almost at random...

      "I'm not going to keep warning you guys when you write stuff like this..."

      "Guys... KNOCK IT OFF."

      "I will start raising warning levels and will start temp-banning."

      "This is it. Time for me to clean up the bulls--t." [Edit mine. You spelled out the profanity, but it's not allowed here. You're not God around here.]

      "Next person to mouth off to another's getting a warning."

      And those are just a few relatively recent posts from one thread. Who appointed you God of Game Show Paradise? You're a lot ruder than any other poster on the board.

      And stop splitting hairs about Harvey Feud. You used the term "perverted," so own it. I think your comment is ridiculous, but you're prone to wild overstatement (see the above quotes). So as you would put it, KNOCK IT OFF.

    3. I didn't say Harvey was perverted. It was the questions. I re-read it, just to make sure. Not once in that thread did I call Steve anything stupid.

  7. Okay Mr. Grammar police. I'll do my absolute best to be perfect for the grammar snobs here. I do make an effort at least, but I make mistakes, and I acknowledge a lot of them, yes.

    You're entitled to your opinions about GSP. Maybe we'll take some of that feedback into consideration though and look into ways to "improve". I have no problem with feedback, and I consider this to be feedback.

    I don't know what to do to please both the older fans and fans of newer shows equally though. Honestly, you're probably right. I can't deny that there are mostly fans of older shows on GSP, and those fans of older shows may also like newer shows too, but I don't know everybody. I do know that people aren't necessarily fans of Steve Harvey there, I'm not either as you know.

    I don't have a problem with feedback, positive or negative. Of course, Mandoli has the final say on most all decisions as it is her board.

    You know, GSP also has an email address. I would also greatly encourage you, and anyone here with ANY feedback to email it. All emails are read.

  8. "Maybe the young folks might say the same thing about Dawson, Combs, Karn or O'Hurley."

    The young folks probably don't care.

    Anyways, I should grab some popcorn. But in all seriousness the older-is-better bias is obvious, and very narrow minded. Good shows come from all time periods, I love Dawson (the kissing doesn't bother me, I don't even notice anymore), and Harvey.

    Of course try to explain to the oldies board why Harvey has as many slots as they do, they want to burn you at the stake. Sorry, but many posters over there don't seem to like the truth if it gets into the way of the view they think things should be in.

    1. Yeah I know the young folks probably don't care. It was just a useless point.

      I understand why Harvey has tons of slots. When all fails, add Harvey Feud into that slot to make it all better. It's the truth for GSN. Doesn't mean people have to watch. I like that GSN is at least trying other shows, whether that be older shows or newer acquisitions like Millionaire and Cash Cab, and I think Millionaire is okay, I prefer Cash Cab better though personally.