Wednesday, February 14, 2018


By an odd coincidence I ran across a couple of game show scandal stories this morning.

Game Show Garbage, which I hadn't checked in a while, has posted a commentary on supposed scandals in our little genre. A lot of the items concern non-U.S. shows and are thus outside this blog's purview. Some of the items are mildly scandalous and some are just weird or quirky. The writer awards a "scandal or not" prize to each one, if you're interested.

A site called International Policy Digest - an award winner for Most Pompous Site Title - offers pictures from Quiz Show as part of a long-winded denunciation of, believe it or not, fake news bots on social media. I'm losing sleep over this massive threat to the world, the galaxy, the universe. Not to mention that Quiz Show was laughably inaccurate in its deification of Richard Goodwin as the hero of the 1950s rigging scandals. If you're gonna denounce fake news, you probably shouldn't refer to the heavily fictionalized Quiz Show.

By the way, GSN is promising more scandals and mysteries in its Cover Story series next month. I'm sure we'll all be scandalized to the max.


  1. I assume Game Show Paradise is throwing a hissy fit that Harvey is in all primetime Saturdays instead of their beloved oldies. Because Steve is so evil apparently.

    1. Typical Game Show Paradise reaction: "I'm about to give up on GSN entirely because of their love for Harvey Feud." Somehow, I doubt that this deep thinker will give up on Buzzr because of their love for every other version of Feud.

      The oldies boards really do hate Harvey. And I mean hate.

  2. They act like Steve is a menace to society. Simple. Dawson stunk on GSN while Steve is a huge hit. I think people aren't really dying to see Dawson episodes you could easily find on YouTube. And besides, Dawson is ran plenty of times on Buzzr. Although even before Harvey, people have complained about the show, like the supposed "dirty" humor. Take this article from my local newspaper about Roker's Celebrity Feud from 2008.

    Or even viewers complaining about the show being on too much locally."

    In short, you can't please everybody.

  3. What other stories could be used for GSN's cover story?

    Perfect Final Showcase Bid on TPiR.

    Donald Trump and Trump Card (used same idea just like that DOND Model's cover story).

    Rich Fields' sudden departure from TPiR and the industry.