Friday, February 2, 2018

Not so sporty

The Interwebs are chortling - can computers chortle? - over a massive fail by Jeopardy contestants on a recent football category.

None of the befuddled three could nail a single clue in the category, which they wisely left for last in the round. This has occasioned much mirth, because apparently all Americans are supposed to be football experts when the Super Bowl rolls around. I dunno, a lot less people are watching the NFL these days, so maybe the cluelessness is not so amazing.

Jeopardy itself took the occasion to fire a shot at the winless Cleveland Browns. That's really kicking somebody when they're down, as in fourth and long. Alex Trebek also piled on (sorry) the hapless contestants with snarky remarks and grimaces.

True confession: I knew most of the clues. "Fair catch" isn't exactly a tough catch. But different contestants know different things.


  1. It was so bad I shook my head in disgust

  2. People make fun of Jeopardy! contestants for knowing too much trivia in general, or too much about a specific subject. But when it comes to professional sports, they're expected to know everything. I see this type of hypocrisy everywhere and it's sickening. Not everyone has to be interested in the same stuff.

  3. I admit, I'm a NFL fan, but I'm not a total nerd about the sport. Everyone has knowledge about different subjects. Not everyone has to know about football especially around Super Bowl time. Though I did enjoy Trebek's jabs at the contestants. Even at his age, he still has a sense of humor.

  4. I actually laughed. I thought it was hilarious. Does that make me a horrible person?