Monday, February 19, 2018

More nostalgia

As usual today I typed "game show" into Google News to see what bounced back at me.

This column from a Louisiana site naively sings the praises of old game shows...on GSN. Oh, if the columnist only knew how our little game show network catches grief from the Internet about those oldies. She happened across 25K Pyramid with Florence Henderson as one of the celeb contestants. I watched the entire show — best thing on TV — and walked away with an empty cup of coffee and a longing for the past.

She then writes about Facebook pages that "devote themselves completely to nostalgia." I guess she doesn't know about that diginet which devotes itself (almost) completely to game show nostalgia. It's true that Buzzr doesn't have Pyramid, though there's no law prohibiting the diginet from eventually leasing a few non-Fremantle shows. Money's probably tight right now.

The column then takes a much darker turn which has nothing to do with game shows. I'll let you read the rest of it if you're interested. But the first part of the column shows how most GSN viewers are blissfully unaware of the Internet wars which are fought over the network.

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