Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Get ready to talk with the stars

Match Game host Alec Baldwin's rumored talk show is going to happen on ABC. How long it will happen is anybody's guess.

As several have noted, Alec has a rather abrasive personality. With its confining gameplay, Match Game has kept his worst impulses under control. A freewheeling talk show might let the inner Baldwin beast loose. Or conversely, he might try to keep things so controlled that the talker could turn bland and tedious.

If you vaguely remember that Alec flopped once before with a TV yakfest, you're right. MSNBC tried him for fifteen minutes of not-so-fame. The numbers tanked in a hurry, even with the politically congenial (for Baldwin) MSNBC audience. We'll see how he does with the much less skewed ABC viewership.

At least he'll get a pretty good lead-in for his show's initial "sneak peek." Sundays with Alec Baldwin follows the Oscars on March 4. Though the Oscars have been losing viewers lately, too.


  1. I'm not sure if this will work. I mean, Baldwin is a controversial personality and not exactly the nicest person in Hollywood. I'm convinced ABC is gonna watch him to make sure he doesn't completely go off the rails.

  2. Will Billy and Stephen pop up from time to time on the show?

    Sounds like The Jay Leno Show minus the skit/monologue and musical guest.

    It is good to see Alec on TV, only in doses. His impression of The Donald on SNL is amusing at times.

  3. It'll be like Rosie O'Donnell's variety show, cancellation call coming in the middle of the first episode.

  4. Alec does great interviews on his podcast "Here's the Thing" which he has been doing since 2012.