Thursday, February 15, 2018

Enter to win!

If you watch GSN at all, you're probably aware of the network's latest foray into home game interactivity, Daily Draw.

According to the network's web site, the weekday raffles will continue until April 9. It's always a little odd to see anything live (or almost live, as Gong Show would say) on GSN, home of endless rewinds of game shows from near and far. The host of the show is Trish Suhr, who looks vaguely familiar. Wikipedia, ever helpful on pop culture, tells me she's "an American stand-up comedian, actress, television personality, and lifestyle expert best known for her portrayal as the 'Yard Sale Diva' on Clean House."

Have to admit that I never watched, or even heard of, Clean House. The show ran on Style Network, which eventually became Esquire Network, which eventually became kaput. But maybe I've seen Trish somewhere else.

I'm almost tempted to enter the sweepstakes, just to see if GSN would disqualify me as a game show blogger if I ever happened to win. After all, GSN once sent me a bottle of wine as a Christmas present. Conflict of interest! Scandal!

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