Saturday, February 3, 2018


A game show casting call cropped up recently. To nobody's surprise, the call wants emotional contestants. We're looking for ALL TYPES of people ages 28-60 who are in the greater Los Angeles area who are HIGH energy, expressive characters, who can show their emotions (whether you win or lose!)

This is a new show for a cable network, so they're not looking for The Price is Right contestants who will almost knock Drew Carey off the stage. They already found one of those very emotional types. But game shows of all kinds have never been big on Spock-ish folks who drone through the gameplay with barely a hint of emotion.

A little-known fact: in the original Star Trek pilot ep, Spock was a more emotive type than his classic android-like self. Or as Wikipedia says: "He displays a youthful eagerness that contrasts with the later more reserved and logical Spock." Hm, maybe he would have made a better game show contestant in the original role.

One other note from the casting call is the older range of requested contestants. "28-60" sounds downright mature for TV. The country is getting older, after all.

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  1. i don't like this Saturday block. I personally would like to have the chase or something original on Saturday night