Sunday, February 11, 2018

A night with GSN

After a night of more recent shows on Buzzr, I spent some time with the Saturday night oldies block on GSN.

John Davidson hosted, and I'm sorry to say that most of his comments were, to be charitable, not so insightful. He did get off one good remark about how classics are great because they don't get old. Speaking of which, his own long-ago appearances on What's My Line and I've Got a Secret were just fine, especially the latter. He brought out baby pictures of the panelists and had a lot of fun with them.

The rest of the block was Match Game '77. Richard Dawson was pretty deep into his grump period by then, though he hadn't turned as completely sour and silent as in his last days on Match Game '78. It's always easy to date Match Game 7x eps from the length of Gene's hair and the depth of Richard's grumpiness. (By the way, Richard was his smiling life-of-the-party self on the John Davidson IGAS episode.)

While we're on grumpiness, one poster on Game Show Paradise complained about the "film look" of the WML and IGAS eps. I don't have any idea what he's talking about. GSN's video quality for both shows looked really good to me, especially with material nearly a half-century old. And I've seen a lot of truly bad video quality on YouTube oldies. Oh well, Game Show Paradise will always find something to complain about with GSN.

The oldies block will now shrivel to just a couple hours of Match Game. GSN is still desperately trying to find something that works in prime time besides Harvey Feud.

UPDATE: Over at Game Show Forum they're grumping about audio issues on the WML and IGAS eps. Again, I had no trouble at all with the sound. Sometimes I think that GSN can't win with the oldies boards. Other times I'm sure of it.

GSN dusts off rarely seen oldies - Buzzr never runs syndie What's My Line or color I've Got a Secret - and gives them prime time exposure. They bring in John Davidson to host and give the shows a lot of promotion. They do everything the oldies boards supposedly want, right? Then the boards whine and moan about, well, everything. No good deed goes unpunished.


  1. Maybe he didn't remember these game show appearances 45 years later until and was recently told GSN would be airing them(they did air on GSN in the 90s when syndie WML and 1972 IGAS were on the regular schedule). I suspect he won't remember all that much about Time Machine if asked.

  2. I liked the idea. I liked seeing John Davidson, but very disappointed in how little he was used. Its clear he didnt know the episodes from the shows they used. In IGAS, he mention s his 3 yr old son. It would of been nice to have the Daily Draw woman he was seen in the promos asked him a question or two. She was nowhere to be found. But it was a fun gesture of GSN! Thank you

  3. I had no problem with the quality and was glad to see them broadcast. You mentioned that they are shrinking the classic block to two hours of Match Game. Have they given up on broadcasting the Dawson Feuds? I don't have Buzzr and was looking forward to those.

  4. Vahan likes to complain about everything little thing.

  5. The Saturday night classics block is no more. It'll be another full evening of a STeve Harvey lovefest.