Friday, January 26, 2018

Those ads

Now and then on the game show Interwebs I see posts about the charity ads that turn up a lot on Buzzr and, to a lesser extent, on GSN. If you watch the game show networks at all, you must have seen the spots. They're the ads about disabled vets, sick kids, starving kids, abused animals, etc.

More than one commenter has noted how jarring the ads seem on networks literally devoted to fun and games. No doubt the causes are worthy and I hope the ads generate a lot of contributions. But game shows are for viewers who want a little relief from life's problems, not constant reminders of the worst that life can offer.

I know I'm sounding curmudgeonly and downright Scrooge-ish. In fact, the ads that annoy me the most are for the ambulance chasers looking to profit on everything from talcum powder to hernia mesh. (I've got a little of that last item in my own abdomen, by the way.)

Yes, this is commercial TV. Buzzr and GSN have to pay the bills, so they can't afford to turn up their noses at legal (and paying) advertisers. So we'll just have to live with the sometimes grim advertisements.

While I'm on the subject, I've started to see promos for the more modern shows coming to Buzzr in February. It's really jarring to see Craig Ferguson on the oldies diginet. Not that I mind so much. I'm a big fan of Celebrity Name Game.

UPDATE: The flip side of Buzzr's upcoming modern night on Friday is GSN's oldies night on Saturday. GSN will change things up a little on Saturday February 10 with runs of Wally Bruner's What's My Line and Steve Allen's I've Got a Secret instead of Card Sharks. My guess (pure speculation!) is that the numbers for the oldies block ain't so hot. GSN has already trimmed an hour off the block, and they may be trying other shows in a last effort to draw some viewers.

The game show Interwebs usually forget that old game shows are a tiny niche within a niche. I just checked the Buzzr feed on Twitch, for instance. It was playing to a gigantic audience of 43 people.

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  1. Are you allowed to disclose any guests for WML or IGAS? The GSN onlien schedule doesn't show any.