Wednesday, January 31, 2018


One of the odder bits of game show news just turned up in Variety. Primitive video game Pong may return as a game show called Million Dollar Pong.

Yeah, I'll have to see it to believe it, too. Pong was so basic that it's hard to imagine how a TV show could arise from the ancient graphics. What was state of the art in the 1970s looks like cuneiform today. But hope springs eternal for politicians and game show producers.

Scott Sternberg is the veteran showrunner attempting this reboot. He's got a checkered past in the business. He hit rock bottom with Extreme Gong, one of the few shows that actually deserves its Game Show Garbage induction. But he's also turned out more respectable efforts. Remember That's the Question? I put this GSN original on my top 50 list, though it's so obscure that Wikipedia doesn't even have an article on it. (They do have a very brief entry on the Brit version.) U.S. Game Shows Wiki has a nice article about the show, though.

I have no idea how Sternberg will tart up the minimalist Pong into a passable game show. There are no details in the linked Variety story about little things like a network, a host, a debut date, a reason for existence...

We'll just have to wait and see if Pong lives again.


  1. I may have to try to put together a "That's the Question" Wikipedia article sometime soon. I've been working extensively with the GSN originals recently and that show certainly seems notable enough having been around for two seasons.

  2. That's the Question has always been a odd favorite of mine. I thought it was a decent version of the Dutch original, with Bob Goen doing his usual good job as host.

    I look at the show as the 2000s answer to Now You See It, another word game I liked that was too quiet and cerebral for its own good.

    Good luck on the article!

    1. Thanks! I'll try to remember to give you an update if/when I get it up and running.

    2. Well I've got it up and running at least. Could probably use some expansion, but as you said, its a bit more obscure so sources are hard to find:

      Also, keep an eye out for the "Today's Featured Article" section on March 12 :)

  3. GSN's Summer 2007 show Camouflage(not related to the early 60s and 1980 hidden picture game with that title) played more like Now You See It than That's the QUestion did.