Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ratings: Pat and Vanna and Alex hit season highs

The week of January 15-21 was a good one for syndies in general, and game shows shared in the happy happy joy joy. January may be a dreary month for most, but it's fun time for syndies. TV News Check has the gladsome household ratings...

Family Feud 7.4 - up a tick
Wheel of Fortune 7.1 - up a couple ticks to a season high
Jeopardy 7.1 - up a tick to its own season high
Millionaire 1.9 - up a tick to celebrate its renewal
Funny You Should Ask 0.5 - flat at the usual number

It wasn't a game show, but GSN's latest ep in the Cover Story series got okay ratings by the network's standards. 415K viewers and a 0.06 18-49 rating. Overall, GSN had a solid January with 421K/312K viewers prime time/total day. The network ranked 38th and 28th in the windows.

Speaking of GSN, they're putting Richard Dawson's Family Feud into the Saturday night oldies block for the next two weeks alongside Match Game. Talk about giving Buzzr the sincerest form of flattery! The diginet runs Match Game and Dawson Feud all the time.

My guess (again pure speculation!) is that, if the Saturday night oldies block survives at all, it'll end up being all Match Game and Dawson Feud. Those are clearly the biggest ratings winners on Buzzr. If GSN wants oldies in prime time, they'll go for the best numbers they can get.


  1. Richard Dawson's Feud. Something tells me that won't last long.

    If the block survives at all, it will probably end up being Match Game Saturday night.

    I'm actually surprised they haven't put Pyramid on there yet.

  2. Dawson returning to GSN? I bet that'll make all the anti-Harvey people extremely happy. I guess they saw how Richard and Gene draws people to Buzzr and figured it might work for them. I don't know how MG performs for GSN in the mornings, but probably decently I'd assume. I think the Match Game-Dawson Feud block will work because people like the two shows. No one is interested in the Whammys or Card Sharks.

    1. I still think Dawson is going to bomb out. Unless he holds a Match Game lead-in, it's going to be a massive failure. There's a reason it's been absent on the schedule for five years.

  3. I shouldn't do this because it will just bring more requests (that I'm not going to answer). But the pdf episode numbers for Dawson Feud are 77-149 and 77-153 on February 3 and 77-183 and 80-189 TM on February 10.

    It's obvious that GSN is learning something from Buzzr: most oldies don't appeal outside a tiny group of fanatics, except for the big titles like MG and Feud. Not to mention that ABC is currently running new versions of the shows. I've seen the Alec Baldwin promos for MG on Buzzr. Does this mean Pyramid might show up in the GSN Saturday night block?

    I assume GSN is trying to keep the oldies block going for a while, so they're pruning it down to just the biggest shows.

  4. Funny note: just saw a banner ad at the bottom of the screen on a GSN run of Match Game, which plugged Press Your Luck and Card Sharks as part of the Saturday night oldies block. Sometimes the right (advertising) hand at GSN doesn't know what the left (programming) hand is doing. It's still just a mid-level cable net, after all.

    I've also noticed those interstitials with the lady plugging the GSN home game. Kind of odd to see anything live (or almost live, as Gong Show would say) on GSN.

  5. 80-189 might very well be the infamous September episode as the Buzzr run left off at 80-185 when the Trejo's first became champions.