Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Once upon a time there were a bunch of state lottery game shows. One by one they've withered away, but Ohio still runs Cash Explosion.

This season they've tarted up the show with a new set and format. As anybody could predict, the changes got a lot of whines from traditional-minded viewers. That's always the way it works in TV, especially in our little genre.

The first episode with the new format is available on YouTube. You can sample it and decide for yourself. One complaint is accurate: the set is certainly dark. This got to be a stock criticism of almost every new game show after Millionaire made dark sets a thing.

As for the format changes, they wouldn't make much difference to me, even if I watched the show. It's all pure chance, so who cares how they change the luck of the draw?


  1. I actually remember watching some of this show growing up on Saturday nights. It was fun and entertaining.

  2. The new format is very boring and reeks of cheapness--especially in the Cash Challenge (they took away the bonuses).

  3. I will say the set looks too dark. You don't have to Millionaireize the set. But I could care less about what a game show set looks like. Family Feud could be played in a prison cell and I'd still watch it.