Friday, September 8, 2017

Master of the mall

Google News coughed up an item about Millionaire's Chris Harrison "returning to his roots" as a guest sportscaster on ESPN.

That's all very well, but Harrison more or less returns to his roots every season on Millionaire. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, Chris hosted Mall Masters on GSN. This 2001 effort from Stone-Stanley didn't last long on our little game show network, but it wasn't Harrison's fault. He was his usual friendly, competent self. It's just that the format was tedious, routine, and overloaded with pop culture.

Like so many old game shows, Mall Masters has left behind a debris trail on YouTube. Chris' screenshot makes him seem thirteen years old, but Wikipedia tells me he was really twenty-nine at the time of the tapings. Some people look younger than others.

Harrison labored in the TV trenches as a sportscaster and host until he got his ginormous break in 2002 with the Bachelor franchise. The rest is show biz history.

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  1. Funny. I looked up Regis Philbin last night to see what game shows he did before Millionaire. He hosted some short lived game show called The Neighbors in the mid 1970s on ABC. I saw some of an episode on YouTube and it was bad. Regis was a good host as always, but it looked like a Newlywed Game-ish ripoff. Thankfully we all know him as Mr. Millionaire or from MD Password.