Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sudsy Wink

Some game show news items are just too deliciously strange. And being not so deliciously strange myself, I can't resist 'em.

I last glimpsed legendary game show host Wink Martindale in a literally spacey KFC commercial. That was odd enough, but it's nothing compared to Wink's next adventure, "the world's first faith-based soap opera." Hm, I always thought that every soap opera requires a leap of faith to be taken seriously.

But we're talking Christianity here, with an outfit named PureFlix creating Hilton Head Island, a 12-ep soaper that's "a Christian show in a format known for salacious storytelling." Soap operas are also known for ridiculous storytelling, but we'll leave that aside. The series will star Anthony Sabato, Donna Mills, Michael Swan and, yes, "renowned game show host Wink Martindale."

It's nice to see Wink at work on anything at age 83. I hope he gets to speak some lines, unlike his cameo in the KFC ad. I also hope things don't get too salacious.

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