Monday, August 7, 2017

Snap chat

Just watched one of GSN's four - count 'em, four - debut eps of Snap Decision.

To spare you any suspense, I'll sum up the show in a phrase: a reboot of Street Smarts. Which doesn't mean that I don't like it. Street Smarts was one of my top fifty of all time, and this new version is by no means bad.

Okay, Snap Decision is not an exact copy. The three contestants don't have to guess which of the three strangers on the street know which trivia questions. Instead, they have to guess which of the three strangers wears cross-gender underwear (among other personal foibles).

But it's pretty much the same idea. You gotta figure out things about strangers from superficial clues based on appearance, mannerisms, speech patterns, etc. At least showrunner Scott St. John doesn't bastardize his previous effort.

David Alan Grier, who has appeared on every game show in the last ten years, hosts with apparent enthusiasm, though you can never know for sure. I'm just making a snap decision.

UPDATE: Snap Decision starts out fine in the ratings, with 380K viewers and a 0.08 18-49 rating at 9:00 PM. But the numbers quickly go south afterwards.


  1. DAG was painful, and the show is not that intriguing. But I'm not entertained by shows that rely upon random "personalities."

    I'm sure I'm in the minority.

    I don't have GSN, so I'm watching the syndicated airing.

    1. Don't understand the criticism. This isn't a "personality" show. There are no celeb players at all.

      You obviously don't like Grier for some reason. He seems fine to me.

    2. They are not going to feature dull people in the video segments, people with boring personal lives. And they want quirky contestants, too. (Not a surprise.) The game wouldn't work as a straight quiz show. Unfortunately for me, I'm not entertained by it. And DAG tries too hard to be an entertainer rather than just a host. I guess that's what the people want.

      Stunned you can't see the personality aspect of this show.

  2. this may be a better fit for syndication than gsn

  3. It was AWFUL! How is it fun to try and guess random items about people that may or not say random things? You can sure tell it is produced by the Name Game people. So much is said and produced like that really fun game.
    By the way, Sinclair is going to be airing this unwatchable mess on their stations.
    I love good game shows and this one is really one of the worst.

  4. As boring as any show is. Whats so entertaining about guessing which random dude went to the mall yesterday?