Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Forgettable you

Continuing the old-game-shows-never-die theme, I ran across this Esquire story about an upcoming reality show on people in total darkness.

I don't care about the reality epic, but the story mentioned "a forgettable American game show where Jaleel White challenged contestants to a face a variety of Fear Factor-style challenges in the dark for a $5,000 prize." The show was so forgettable that the writer didn't even bother to Google the name. It was Total Blackout on Syfy in 2012-13.

We already know that old game shows live on and on, and YouTube proves it on Total Blackout. In fact, I didn't think the show was so awful. Besides the spooky stuff in the dark, losing players also dropped through trap doors, a la Russian Roulette. Syfy gave Total Blackout a second season, then dropped it through the Nielsen trap door.

Jaleel White hosted in a slyly humorous style. The stunts could be a little gross but they weren't too outlandish. I've seen worse.

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