Saturday, August 5, 2017


Ah, contestant stories. Google News has plenty of them even on a slow weekend.

The first two entries that popped up in a "game show" search were items about contestants on Beat Shazam and GSN's upcoming Snap Decision. Yes, we even get contestant stories about shows that nobody has seen yet. It's never too early to read about players on a game show, even if they can't reveal the outcome.

The Beat Shazam pair were Amy Chiasson and Stacey Connors Noel, and their account appears in Wicked Local Waltham, a pile of local stories about Waltham, MA. By the way, how did that "wicked" colloquialism ever get started in New England? I'll never know (too lazy to Google it) but the pair won just over a hundred grand by naming their tunes. One of the pair even used the s-word: the show was a "wild and surreal" experience. It's always surreal in contestant stories.

The Snap Decision player was Conor Halbleib from Louisville. He got on the show when he was visiting a friend in California. He can't tell us how he did, but he liked host David Alan Grier. "Oh man, he's really sharp and made the experience a lot of fun." It's even more fun when you win.


  1. It's offical. 100k Pyramid and Celebrity Feud were renewed by ABC. Also Match Game has officially been renewed for a third season.