Saturday, July 29, 2017

The lower right seat

Just posted a screenshot from Match Game yesterday, and a sad occasion brings another screenshot today.

Patti Deutsch, the "weirdest of the weird" panelists on Match Game, has died at age 73 after a long battle with cancer. The critic who hung that label on her also called her "awesome" and ranked her third among MG's panelists, after only Charles Nelson Reilly and Richard Dawson.

I don't know that I would rank her quite that high. Brett Somers, McLean Stevenson, Betty White and Fannie Flagg would get my nod before Patti, the goofiest of the regular and semi-regular panelists. But her absurdist view of life in general and Match Game in particular was an important contribution to the show's zaniness.

Patti got her big break with the Ace Trucking Company - a comedy troupe, not a truck operation - but her most lasting work remains her loony answers on Match Game. You can watch them all the time on Buzzr and GSN. R.I.P.


  1. Patty DUke's death last year left a MG panel from the 1979-80 syndicated season as the first one where all six celebrites on it are decased. Patti Deutsch's death increases the number of weeks where all six panelists are deceased for seven. She was the only living panelist on one week of MG75, one week of MG76, two weeks of MG77, and two weeks of MG78

  2. "Decased"? Slow down, Zachie Boy. No need to be first at everything game show related. Take your time.

    1. At least he didn't use his normal term for deceased...

  3. She joined a few women/men who were on Match Game and that were from the last season of Laugh In with Richard Dawson. Sara Kennedy, Ann Elder and Larry Hovis and Stu Gillum.

  4. Casey's not letting troll posts go through anymore.

  5. Wonder if GSN and/or Buzzr is going to show a marathon of her classic eps? Or at least a promo on her passing.

    RIP Patty

  6. You can watch a very special tribute honoring Patti Deutsch @ Match Game Productions on Youtube. The week of Match Game 77 #876-880 with her on the panel is currently being uploaded right now.

  7. GSN won't do a tribute to her I don't think, maybe Buzzr will if they have any episodes that she was won. Buzzr has shown some Tattletales from 1974 with her and Donald.