Sunday, July 23, 2017

The $111,237 Pyramid

A faux tweet noted that ABC enjoyed a nice boost in ad revenue for June, 2017.

The linked story credits a couple game shows for helping the cash infusion. Adweek says that a "unit cost" went for $116,498 on Celebrity Family Feud and $111,237 on 100K Pyramid. Which is a little surprising. Both these shows get okay ratings for summer fare, but neither is a runaway hit.

I'm not real sure what a "unit cost" entails. It seems like all that money would buy you more than just a 30-second spot on a game show with decent ratings. But somebody's got to pay Steve Harvey's no doubt handsome salary, so maybe the spot costs really are that high.

At any rate, broadcast TV remains the best way to get a big audience, even in the zillion-channel world. One odd fact from the article: the Academy of Country Music awards show was up 21% in ad revenue over last year. Somebody watches those show biz self-congratulation fests?


  1. I watch shows like the ACMs (and CMAs and Grammys) not because I care who wins (I don't), but for the many musical performances. The awards are secondary, which is why so many are presented in separate ceremonies.

  2. $1K less than the amount of a "unit cost" on Pyramid would have been the same as MIchael Larsen's Press Your Luck winning total on 6/11/84