Friday, July 21, 2017

Really ticked

The Orlando Sentinel runs a funny column called "Ticked off!" Readers send in e-mail about their pet peeves. One of today's offerings...

As a teacher I am thoroughly ticked off that a certain TV game show host continuously butchers the English language by using incorrect grammar and by dropping the last letters of words. He may be charming but this makes him sound uneducated.

The object of the complaint probably has to be Steve Harvey. This really doesn't sound like Alex Trebek, does it? I've heard similar complaints about Harvey on the game show oldies boards, where he does tend to, well, tick people off.

The "charming" qualifier also makes me think the complainer is a little freaked about sounding racist about Harvey, even if Steve isn't mentioned by name. The power of p.c., you might say.

I don't know about the ticked off teacher, but I've always thought that Harvey's main problem on the oldies boards is that he's not Richard Dawson. Which makes those promos on Buzzr, where Steve talks about his admiration of the kissing bandit, seem ironic. By the way, Steve Harvey's grammar and pronunciation are impeccable in those promos.

SORT OF RELATED UPDATE: I mentioned the oldies boards. Right now Game Show Forum and Game Show Paradise are both tying themselves in knots over what's coming for 25K Pyramid on GSN. I can't tell you how I know this. But just between you and me, the August 7-11 week will feature episodes 271 through 280. Michael Spound and Rita Moreno on eps 271-75 and Bill Cullen on eps 276-280.

UPDATED UPDATE: A poster on Game Show Paradise is happy about the upcoming 25K Pyramid eps but grumps about the "rest of the drivel" in this entry. Like I said, the oldies boards get really ticked off over Steve Harvey.


  1. Now we're complaining about Steve's talking abilities? What's next, they'll complain about his suits?

    I agree that the board's issue with him is that he isn't Mr. Dawson. But Steve didn't kill the show. He made it the new #1 game show in syndication. Just like how they constantly complain about how Drew allegedly "ruined" TPIR. It's still daytime's top show, so people even Drew himself disagree. But to them, they are living in 1980 or something.

    I've heard him use different sayings of words on Feud and I haven't complained. Poor Steve. Even when he leaves the show eventually, he'll still get no love.

    1. He's beyond overexposed. Just like Ryan Seacrest was (don't know if he still is.

    2. "Just like how they constantly complain about how Drew allegedly "ruined" TPIR."

      You must have GSP confused with G-R.

  2. Not sure if anyone noticed, but FOX doesn't seem to know how to properly edit their game shows. Normally on Thursdays, at the end of Beat Shazam, Jamie Foxx says to the camera "Stay tuned for Love Connection."

    Well, when Shazam airs in repeats on Fridays, where Love Connection doesn't immediately follow it, at the end of the episode, all FOX did was mute out Jamie's audio about how Love Connection is coming up next, but they still show the video clip of him talking about it. So you can still see his lips moving as if he's talking, but you don't hear him saying anything. Way to go FOX.

  3. The SHelley Smith/Bill Cullen week of Pyramid from 10/10-10/14/1983 was skipped over by USA, so it will be the first time for that week airing since its original broadcast