Saturday, July 8, 2017

Paywall rant

So I'm scrounging around Google News for something to write about on a slow Saturday. This item pops up from the Lewiston Tribune. It's about a couple of Candy Crush contestants from Lewiston, Idaho. I figure that a contestant story about a brand new show might be worth a glance for gameplay tidbits.

Except the story is behind a paywall. That's right, the owners of the Lewiston freakin' Tribune seem to think that somebody in DFW - or anywhere else - would pay for their precious content.

This isn't to rip Lewiston, which I'm sure is a very nice place. Wikipedia tells me that the town of 32,000 is "located at the confluence of the Snake River and Clearwater River." The picture makes the area look beyond gorgeous. But a paywall on the local paper? The freebie suburban weekly that lands on our lawn each Sunday probably has more readers.

So I'll never know about the adventures of Christine Ferris and Stacy Connerley on Candy Crush. Somehow, I'll have to worry along without the information.

UPDATE: I managed to crack the paywall. I won't say how, but it involved some quick work on the keyboard. Anyhoo, the story is pretty interesting. The contestants had to undergo medical exams to see if they were ready for the stuntwork on the show. Plus there were the usual background checks. One odd demand: a contestant had to delete one of her Facebook photos, where she dressed up as an Indian for Halloween. Another bit of nervous Nelly p.c., it seems.


  1. So now you're stealing from a paper and a hacker? Wow.

  2. Not only that, I've hacked and I run it as an example of world-class stupidity. You are world class in that regard.

  3. Another tidbit from the story. The contestant interviews were mostly scripted and fictionalized in a minor detail. Nothing very serious, just the usual window dressing.

    And I have to confess that my "hacking" was extremely low-tech. In fact, the site seems to invite it by making the story available for a second or two before bringing down the paywall.

  4. I'm convinced "hut putato" drinks while posting. Because no one else makes idiotic comments.

  5. I deleted a comment...i often forget netiquette rule 1...never feed the trolls.

  6. Leilana finally hit the magic word and I was able to delete a comment on the "obscenity and profanity" rule.

    As anybody can tell, there's no rule against stupid comments.

  7. Casey, I appreciate your blog and heard the Jim Peck interview. Mr. Peck "stretched the truth" when he said that the reason he didn't become the new host for TJW is because Jack Bary died and the show stopped. Of course, Jack Bary did hand pick Peck to replace as he was going to retire. Sadly, Jack died in between the season. Without Jack, a decision was made to put a more familar face given Jacks death. The show continued for two more years with Bill Cullen.
    And just some feedback, with all the rude and mostly ridiculous comments, I think we are approaching "the tail wagging the dog"
    Good luck. Hope you continue the blog

    1. Oh, I don't mind the rude and ridiculous comments. What can you do? Some people like making fools of themselves. It goes with the Internet. I'm certainly not going to stop writing the blog, anyway.

      As for Jim Peck, yeah, it was unfortunate for him that he didn't get the permanent gig on Joker's Wild. But he still had a pretty good game show career.