Saturday, July 22, 2017

Old game shows never die

In fact, old game shows don't even fade away. They go on Buzzr, they go on GSN, they go on YouTube...and now they go on Twitch. will run a marathon of every episode of 1980s video game epic Starcade. It's due at the end of August, and the marathon will no doubt have a built-in audience of the now older and wiser contestants. Not to mention everybody else who wasted zillions of quarters on Pacman and other video delights.

"The Twitch community has a passion for video games and classic programmatic television," burbles a Twitch exec. Is "programmatic television" a highfalutin' way of saying "TV shows"? No matter, all 123 Starcade eps are about to run back to back to back to back to...

This might be the ultimate binge on "programmatic television" or whatever you want to call a bunch of episodes in a row. I remember a cable channel ran all 500+ eps of The Simpsons a while back. Maybe that gave Twitch the idea.

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  1. Maybe they'll show every single episode of Survivor.