Sunday, July 30, 2017

News from fake wrestling

One of the odder bits of game show news lately was word that the WWE (a.k.a. fake wrestling) was planning a game show with R-Truth (a.k.a. Ron Killings).

Sorry to disappoint all you fake wrestling game show fans, but the R-Truth project has apparently been scrapped. I know the news ruined my day, so I hope the sorrow won't be too intense for you. I just couldn't wait to see what the WWE would make of our little genre.

To get a bit less sarcastic for a minute, there was a glimpse of fake wrestling in Quiz Show, the very occasionally accurate movie about the game show rigging scandals. That glimpse was no doubt an ironic comment on game shows getting body-slammed for the same practice that pro wrestling had built into a show biz empire: rigging the outcomes.

It gets even better. The federal law that outlawed rigged game shows specifically applied only to "a purportedly bona fide contest of intellectual knowledge, intellectual skill, or chance." This was probably an attempt to exclude fake wrestling from the law. Everybody knew that TV wrestling was rigged, but nobody would mistake it for an intellectual contest.


  1. It looks like ABC has renewed $100k Pyramid for a 3rd season. They're advertising for contestants already, so they must be happy with the ratings. Good for them. One of my must-watch game shows each Sunday.

  2. Nice to see $100k Pyramid roll on. I like how ABC respected the Clark version and didn't make any drastic changes to it. I sense a renewal for Celeb Feud soon. Truth is coming back this fall with new episodes and Match Game is supposedly returning in "early 2018". Fun and Games galore on ABC.

    The Wall is listed as coming back at midseason after its summer run concludes. And HGN I guess is done with its new episodes so Wall starting August 10th will move to 8 pm.

    Gong Show and Candy Crush will probably get the boot, but knowing ABC and how they can't find a big scripted hit, Gong will keep on gonging.