Thursday, July 27, 2017

Naked idiots

How did I miss this? Readers of this blog know about my undying prurient interest, but somehow I overlooked this thread on Game Show Paradise. The posters sniffed and clucked over the all-nude episode of Idiotest last year.

Amy Davis [GSN exec veep] better be ready for the inevitable backlash she'll receive for this. I'd be embarrassed working for her because she keeps giving the green light to nonsense like this. This will be one episode I won't be watching.

Hate to admit it, but I missed the episode, too. Not that I would have been too embarrassed to watch. One GSP poster - by the way, it's the admin who thought one of my posts was too impolite or something - put up a Playboy video of one of the contestants (see the screenshot). There's no actual nudity in the video, but it's mildly provocative. At my age, maybe mild provocation is all I can stand.

At least it gave me the excuse for a nice screenshot. Meanwhile, Idiotest has been cranking out okay but not great numbers in the 2017 season, its fourth. One ep last night got 303K viewers and a 0.07 18-49 rating. It will be a tricky renewal decision for GSN.


  1. The episode that aired at 10PM yesterday was their 200th episode, so they have enough episodes to air reruns of the show for x years if they want to. Dylan Lane Chain Reaction with 130 episodes has been in GSN reruns for most of the 10 years since the last first run episode. Whammy! with 130 episodes has been a staple of GSN reruns for most of the 14 years since its last first episode. Lingo aired in reruns for years after its last first run episode 10 years ago.

  2. Going to repost a comment I wrote on TVSeriesFinale about Candy Crush, just because I do want to emphasize how angry I still am about CBS cancelling Million Dollar Password.

    "Les Moonves would kill for the numbers that Regis and Million Dollar Password used to put up in primetime back in 2008 and 2009, which was the last time CBS actually tried a game show in the 8-10 pm hours. Back then, MDP was getting as many as 10 million viewers per episode, with as high as a 2.2 in the coveted 18-49 demo. But no, that wasn't good enough for Moonves, so he canned it after just 12 episodes. Now compare that to Candy Crush, which can't even maintain 3 million viewers or even a 1.0 in the demo. Well, serves you right Moonves. You thought MDP's demo was bad enough to not warrant renewal 8 years ago? Then you don't have a right to complain about Candy Crush's much worse demo numbers. I don't work in the TV business myself, but even I would've shot down Matt Kunitz's pitch to bring Candy Crush to television, just because I knew it wouldn't work. And with the numbers it's currently bringing in, it won't be much longer until CBS pulls the remaining episodes altogether from Sunday nights. Way to go CBS -- you just wasted $2 million on building the world's largest touchscreen for a game show that no one is interested in watching."

    1. You're right. The ratings have tanked. This show makes Gong Show look like a smash hit. Maybe ABC can reboot Password one day.

    2. Actually, Candy Crush got almost exactly the same ratings as Gong Show for their latest runs. Neither show is likely to get a renewal at these levels, though it's obviously easier to get renewed on woeful ABC than on CBS.

    3. I think both shows are in trouble, but ABC likes cheap filler so Gong will probably return. Match Game got a third season despite its spring numbers being meh. As with Candy Crush, it's disappointing. Has the dependable Big Brother as the lead in and it drops big every week.

  3. A show that's surprised me a little has been Hollywood Game Night. It's not like the show is any kind of big hit. But it did get 3.8M viewers last night with a 0.9 18-49 rating. The way things are going nowadays, that's not bad for summer broadcast.

    Who knows, NBC might give the show another run next summer if the numbers remain respectable.

  4. I NEVER really liked the old Gong Show, but this version does not seem mean to me. Mike Myers is so spot on as the host. I know I've said it before but it seems to celebrate oddness. Last Thursdays show was by far the weakest I've seen. The acts seemed more reminiscent of the old show, not interesting and pointless. But all in all, if I had to guess a show in the new batches of game shows I would NOT enjoy it would of been the new Gong Show. I really hope it gets renewed.
    And by the way Casey, you do a really good job of updating and sending out interesting links on the site. I just don't get the juvenile hate on the site. But it just seems to be a very sad of the time on social sites. Generating silly bad feelings anonymously for really no reason that to just spew