Wednesday, July 12, 2017

MTV fun and games

Fear Factor produced nice numbers for MTV, so our ex-music-video channel has set a few more game shows for the summer.

In addition to the already announced SafeWord, a Dating Game descendant hits the screen with MTV Undressed. No, we don't get to strip MTV itself. Can a cable channel get naked, anyway? This dating epic features contestants undressing each other while "answering questions and performing simple challenges." Do the simple challenges include unhooking a bra? Eventually the two disrobers decide to break up or hook up. Sweet, no?

The pictured Rob Drydek is the showrunner for Win Big, a hundred grand game show that tries to break a cable budget by helping "young people take life to the next level." Not to mention their bank accounts to the next week. There aren't any other details, and Win Big is only a "working title," as opposed to a lazy title.

MTV Undressed debuts August 16. There's no date for Win Big except "September 2017." That means any one of thirty days, though I wouldn't bet on Labor Day.

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